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[Album] 80's House Classics


01.Your Love 06:43
02.Move Your Body 06:43
03.Weekend 08:23
04.You Used To Hold Me 06:56
05.In And Out My Life 04:46
06.Bring Down The Walls 05:42
07.Check This Out 05:16
08.Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Version) 06:21
09.Can You Feel It 05:30
10.Can You Party 06:04
11.Promised Land 05:08
12.This Way That Way 03:57
13.Hungry For Love 04:51
14.Love Can't Turn Around 05:39
15.Music Is The Answer 03:37
16.Pleasure Control 04:29
17.A Day In The Life 05:33
18.This Is Acid 04:38
19.You Don't Know (Special Remix) 08:18
20.Let The Music Use You 07:55
21.Your Love (You Got The Love Remix) 06:26

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